Ring Width Visualization Chart

If you don't happen to have a millimeter gauge handy at the moment, all you need is the loose change in your pocket. The chart below shows which coin denominations to stack-up to get your desired ring widths from 2mm to 12mm.

Widths & Denominations

2mm   =   1-Nickel
2.5mm   =   2-Dimes
3mm   =   1-Dime and 1-Penny
4mm   =   1-Penny and 2 Dimes
5mm   =   3-Quarters
6mm   =   2-Quarters and 2-Dimes
7mm   =   2-Quarters and 2-Nickels
8mm   =   3-Quarters and 2-Pennies
9mm   =   4-Quarters and 2-Dimes
10mm   =   6-Quarters
11mm   =   5-Quarters and 2-Pennies
12mm   =   6-Quarters and 1-Nickel

US Coins

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

If you're not familiar with the U.S. and Canadian ring sizes, perhaps you'll find a ring size term you're more familiar with on the international ring size chart below.