Our Guarantee

Metal Purity Guarantee

  • Groom's Ring guarantees that the wedding rings we sell contain the exact content and purity of Gold, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt Chrome which is stamped inside of every wedding ring by the manufacturer, as well as stated on our website and on all customer Invoices.

Craftsmanship Guarantee

  • All of the wedding rings we sell are individually crafted with the finest materials to demanding quality standards. They are also designed to exacting manufacturing specifications and warranted against imperfections in design and craftsmanship. Meaning, Groom's Ring will repair or replace your purchase withing the allowed 30 day consideration period in the (unlikely) event your wedding ring arrives with any defects or imperfections.

Diamond Quality Guarantee

  • Every single Diamond that is used to set into our beautiful wedding rings is carefully and individually inspected for specific quality standards of the 3 C’s (Cut, Color and Clarity). Each Diamond is also precisely graded and matched with others with the same characteristics, then artfully set into our wedding rings by highly skilled Diamond Setters.


Tungsten Carbide Replacement Warranty

Replacement Guidelines

  • All Tungsten Carbide wedding rings purchased from Groom's Ring are covered by our Replacement Warranty against breakage. If you should somehow manage to accidentally break, chip, or crack the Tungsten Carbide ring you purchase from us, please contact us and we will start the replacement process for you. All you need to provide us with is your proof of purchase (Invoice or Order ID#) and either return the damaged ring or broken pieces back to us, or provide us with a photos for our records. (Please note that there is a flat $15 co-pay which covers the processing and shipping costs for the replacement ring.
  • This warranty does not include coverage for the optional laser engraving (personalization) service which we offer with every new purchase. If you would like your replacement ring to be laser engraved with a message, an additional cost of $20 will be added to the $15 co-pay.
  • This warranty does not cover size exchanges 30 days past the delivery date of your order, and it does not cover against wear and tear including the wear and tear for all plated (black, gold, and rose) Tungsten Carbide rings.

Tungsten Carbide Facts

  • Tungsten Carbide rings are indeed beautiful, affordable, practical, hypoallergenic, and durable. However, you may have heard from friends or have visited other websites which claim that Tungsten Carbide rings are indestructible, scratch-proof, and that their luster lasts forever... The truth is that Tungsten Carbide rings are scratch-resistant (not scratch-proof) and over time, Tungsten Carbide rings will show some wear with normal use despite being the hardest and toughest metal on the Planet. There are also certain elements and objects which can scratch and mark on Tungsten Carbide if they come into contact. Prolonged exposure to everyday household cleaning solutions and liquids (harsh chemicals) can also react with the Tungsten metal and obscure its luster and cause beyond repair oxidation. You can upkeep your Tungsten ring at home using an old toothbrush with soap-water and dry it with a towel, but never have a Jeweler clean it inside of an Ultra-Sonic bath.
  • Another fact about Tungsten Carbide rings which many people still do not know and are quite shocked when they find out, is that Tungsten Carbide is a cemented metal. In short, this means that all Tungsten Carbide wedding rings are brittle and can crack, chip, or break into pieces if struck hard enough against a hard object or dropped on a hard floor surface like tile or concrete. The good news is that statistically, the probability of this happening is very low, because we only carry authentic Tungsten Carbide rings binned by Nickel alloy which makes the rings tougher than most of the generic ones sold by other sites and online market platforms.